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hildebear on PSO2 ship 4

delicious art by the wonderful GOOEH

tbh i am def not ready for this gangsta anime


『ホットロード』(Film 2014)




returning to a drawing after hours/days of not touching the canvas



As promised, here are scans from the September issue of @Bunch featuring the GANGSTA. anime announcement celebration. Free with this issue was a clear mini shitajiki (top right) featuring Benriya and illustrated by Kohske. Of note is the cast interview, autograph giveaway, and the revelation of a new drama CD/anime cast member — Isobe Masako as Joel Raveau! Isobe primarily works in minor roles and is best known as Anoa McCormick from Brain Power’d or perhaps Amaterasu Omikami in the recent Inari Kon Kon.

Additionally this issue marked the return of GANGSTA. to serialisation with chapter 35. This chapter is much shorter than the usual GANGSTA. chapters. It details the lead up to chapter 34’s infamous duffle bag ending.

And finally, there is a complete script for the “before” original drama CD chapter bundled with volume #6. I’ve zipped up all the pages so if you’re interested in following along with the drama short, feel free to grab the script.

♥ ♥ GANGSTA. Original Drama Script — “before” (sendspace mirror)

The password for the .rar file is fuckyeahgangsta. Please keep in mind that these are sample files only. Like what you see? Buy the magazine. Please do not upload any of these files to ad-supported galleries. You’re welcome to use them for graphics or translations, a link back here is really appreciated though.


The September issue of @Bunch (on sale now!) features a full-color article about the GANGSTA. anime adaptation that includes interviews with Kohske and the main cast. Illustrations autographed by the aforementioned seem to be this month’s mail-in prize, while the freebie included with each issue is that snazzy GANGSTA. shitajiki. The series itself also returns to serialization with a new chapter.

Meanwhile, the official @Bunch site also updated their New Bunch section with a grandiose graphic — which you may recognize as the 1st anniversary illustration — further celebrating the news.

Shiori will be scanning from her copy once it arrives so be on the lookout for her post~


The Argenta figure is out and it looks worse than a Taki Corp figure and I can’t stop laughing.




I was gonna make a WorldScope joke here but at least they have acceptable looking sculpting.

Unless the money converter is wrong, the price in USD for the Argenta figure was…

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Ly Aleister


Ly Aleister